Cobalt Silver Kings - Home Players Years
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Les Canadiens

Les Canadiens were created by Ambrose O'Brien on November 4, 1909 in Room 129 of the Windsor Hotel. He later paid the $1000 franchise fee and $5000 to guarantee player salaries. He hired Jack Laviolette to build the team of mostly French speaking players. The uniforms were a navy blue sweater with white narrow bands at the shoulders connected to a band across the chest and a white "C" at the center of the chest band.

Their first game was January 5th, 1910 against the Cobalt Silver Kings at the Jubilee Rink, located on Sainte-Catherine Street East in Montreal, before a crowd of 3,000 spectators. Newsy Lalonde, who previously played for Cobalt in the TPHL, scored the first goal of the game at 17:00 of the first half for the Canadiens. Newsy scored 2 goals that first game, but had to leave the game with an ankle injury. Bernier scored 2 and Laviolette scored 1. Joe Cattaranich played goaltender. After taking a 3-0 lead over the Silver Kings, they later trailed 4-3 and 6-4 before tying the game. Referee Riley Hern called for an overtime. The Canadiens won the game 7-6 at 5'35" of overtime when Skinner Poulin scored his second goal of the game. This game did not actually count in the standings as the league was restructured a week later.

On February 24th, Cobalt beat the Canadiens 11-7 in Cobalt. On March 5th, Cobalt beat the Canadiens 6-4 in Montreal.


COACH - Jack Laviolette 2-10-0

Newsy Lalonde61601640
Pat Seguin210112
Art Bernier121301325
Jean Bougie10000
Didier Pitre12100105
Ed Millaire10002
Skinner Poulin1280853
Ed Decarie1250542
M. Larochelle10000
Edgar Leduc33030
Joe Cattaranich40000
Jack Laviolette1130326
Teddy Groulx70000
M. Larochelle10006743.580
Jack Laviolette1100500.000
Joe Cattaranich4040240348.500
Teddy Groulx7160420628.860