Cobalt Silver Kings - Home Players Years
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National Hockey Association

The NHA was created by Ambrose O'Brien and the owner of the Montreal Wanderers franchise. The ECHA, the premier hockey league of the time disbanded and reformed as the CHA. They refused the Wanderers franchise, which had belonged to the ECHA, as its stadium was too small to generate enough money. They also refused the Renfrew Creamary Kings a franchise. The two refused owners joined together to form the new league from their two existing teams, two teams in the TPHL and Les Canadiens, an all-Frenchmen team from Montreal. Shortly after the season started, the CHA folded and two teams from the CHA were added to the NHA; Montreal Shamrocks and Ottawa Senators.


The Inaugural Season

The first game ever played in the National Hockey Association was on January 5, 1910 between the Cobalt Silver Kings and the Les Canadiens in Montreal. The Canadians won the game 7-6 in overtime.

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The Aftermath

The Silver Kings returned to the TPHL after the inaugural NHA season and the franchise was assumed by the Quebec Bulldogs.

In 1917, the NHA was renamed the NHL.